Wednesday, September 21, 2005

LTE by Campaign Coordinator in Miami Herald

Article published September 21, 2005

Mercury Pollution

We applaud Sen. Bill Nelson for voting this week to protect the health of women and children across the country from toxic-mercury pollution. By rejecting the Bush administration's harmful mercury-pollution rule, he put the health of 35 million people, including more than 3 million children who live near a mercury-emitting power plant, ahead of corporate polluters. Mercury can cause brain damage and pose health risks to pregnant women and children. Additionally, fish and other wildlife in the Everglades are contaminated every year.

Unfortunately, Sen. Mel Martínez sided with utility-industry special interests and voted for the administration's mercury plan, which would allow more toxic pollution to be emitted into the air and, eventually, bodies of water for years to come.

Florida campaign coordinator
League of Conservation Voters
Winter Park

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