Saturday, September 17, 2005

Found this on FieldWorks Online:

League of Conservation Voters

FieldWorks developed the League of Conservation Voters first-ever national grassroots program-the Environmental Victory Project. From September of 2003, FieldWorks guided LCV through every step of the process of setting up a large field operation in Wisconsin, Oregon, Florida, and New Mexico, that mobilized over 5000 volunteers, knocked on 1.2 million doors, and spoke directly with half a million voters at their homes in the summer and fall of 2004 as part of the America Votes coalition. LCV's was widely regarded as one of the most productive and effective field operations on the 527 side in 2004. It was so successful and impressive, in fact, that the WI staff was tapped by ACT and America Votes to run the statewide Election Day volunteer operation.

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