Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Vote for Change Tour

When the Vote for Change Tour came to Florida, LCV sent teams to the Dave Matthews Band concert in Gainesville, the Pearl Jam concert in Kissimmee, and to the Bruce Springsteen/REM/Tracy Chapman concert in Orlando.

I went to the Orlando concert with Deb Callahan, the president of the League of Conservation Voters.

Before the concert, we handed out over 5000 LCV flyers and signed up several hundred potential volunteers. It was a pretty interesting crowd. About half the people were from out of state and came just to see the Boss, while the other half was from Central Florida and were there to help defeat Bush.

The concert was amazing. I can die now that I have seen Bruce Springsteen sing Born in the USA. Isn't it ironic that the song is patriotic AND dissenting?

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