Sunday, June 26, 2005

Jess and Steve at the Fahrenheit 9/11


tetricus said...

"OK OK I'm on my way Shirin, Traffic is Really Freaking BAD! What the hell do you want me to do? Drive over people?"

"Steve I don't care, GET HERE".....

"OK I'm here!..."

Angelo: Smile!

Amy said...

Traffic was horrible. Who the hell chose that venue, anyway? Not an Orlando native, that's for sure.

Saipan Chamoale said...

I'll give you a hint as to who picked the venue...he's the new Campaign Coordinator.
If you remember correctly, the only two theaters originally showing the movie were Universal and the Enzian. We had to buy and sell the tickets in advance, so it was already too late when the other theaters announced that they were showing the movie (wouldn't it have been great to have done this at Disney?)
We didn't do it at the Enzian because all of the liberal groups wanted to do something there. Enzian was also afraid of losing their 501(c)3 status, so they didn't want us having a rally there.
So Universal was the best choice.

Amy said...

I thought Yellow was responsible for events, seeing as how they fall under direct action. Besides, Allan had the final say and Lucy pitched it to him (for some reason, I was there). So this wasn't intentionally a jab at you.

This is something that profoundly bothered me (and still does) about LCV. When the options were so limited, why did they persist on having the showing at all? We devoted huge amounts of time and effort to it, when really it was more about kicks for us than any true campaigning value.

This is why I have a reputation for not being "positive about the project," but I just get so tired of people spinning their wheels. It was a fine location at a TERRIBLE time of day; and selling tickets at, oh, for example, UCF, flopped, because no one wanted to drive all the way out to Universal. I don't blame them. It was bottle-neck on International, but even I4 was gridlock. It took us half an hour to get from the office to West Kaley street!

I just feel that chosing the lesser of two evils, instead of coming up with a better event, was a mistake.