Saturday, May 07, 2005

The big DC trip

This never would have happened if we hadn't been hit by four hurricanes.

During the second hurricane, most of the LCV staff evacuated Florida and went recruiting for EVP in Texas, Georgia, DC, and Philly. Thanks to Shirin, Steve, and Ed, somewhere around 300-400 college students came down to canvass in Orlando the weekend before our final GOTV push.

We put them up in villas out by Disney in Osceola County. These were the type of houses that Europeans rent out for a couple of weeks when they vacation in Florida. Most of the villas were pretty swanky, with hot tubs, pools, and over-sized bathtubs. Those college kids made out pretty well.

The LCV office rented over a dozen 15 passenger vans to take these kids out canvassing. I ended up in charge of a house of about 40 kids and out of that 40, I took about 12 out canvassing on Friday and Saturday. It was one hell of a drive from the housing to turf. The first day we canvassed out by UCF and on the second day we canvassed in Seminole county.

In addition to running the huge canvass out of Osceola County, we also ran a regular community canvass out of the main office. It was quite an undertaking. I didn't even sleep one of the nights because there was so much work to be done.

After canvassing on Saturday we took all of the kids to Downtown Disney for some fun. We made them all stand in front of Planet Hollywood for a mini-rally...then we set them free.

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